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FinCalc News

2 Way Integration with Iress Xplan – Now Available

As part of our continuing development with back-office system integrations, we are pleased to confirm that the 2-way integration with Xplan is now available on FinCalc!

Client Portal Custom Fact Finds Added

Following the success of our Client Portal, we are pleased to announce a new additional feature of Custom Fact finds.

Keep the fact finding process seamless for your clients by requesting all of your required information in one place.

Model 1st Death - Now Available

As part of our continuous development at FinCalc, we are pleased to confirm you can now Model 1st death within the Cashflow. Model comprehensive death scenarios, including disposal of Assets and a range of death benefits which will include LTA and income tax calculations.

Client Portal - Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of our New Client Portal. 

This new system has been created to enhance your client's engagement. Not only is this an initial onboarding service, but also an ongoing secure communication platform between you and your clients. Customise the Client Portal to use your company logo and colours. Share and receive unlimited documents. 2-way secure messaging, grouped in easy-to-read conversations.

Pension Annual Allowance and Carry Forward calculators - now available

As part of our continuous development at FinCalc, we are pleased to confirm the release of the Carry Forward Calculator and the Annual Allowance Calculator as the latest additions to our FinCalc suite.  

Quickly determine your client's remaining Annual Allowance for this tax year, as well as a giving you a closer look at the previous tax years to determine the Carry Forward available, and the overall Annual Allowance position of your client. 

FinCalc Future Features – Coming Soon

We are constantly striving to update and improve FinCalc, through feedback from prospective and existing customers. We want to share some of our main goals for the next few months.

Capital Gains Tax Calculator

FinCalc does the hard work for you by calculating not only the Gains and Losses but also the Capital Gains tax payable within your chosen tax year for multiple assets.

Retirement Modeller – Now Available

Our Retirement Modeller enables you to answer key retirement questions very easily with very straightforward inputs. By taking defined contribution funds, any pension contributions and any incomes, the modeller will quickly and efficiently provide results on whether the client’s target income objectives are realistic and achievable.