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About us

Who we are

At FinCalc, our aim is to provide financial advisers with a platform to enhance their client journey and make it easier to meet consumer duty requirements. We offer a range of financial tools and calculators, covering multiple advice areas, giving a clear and consistent reporting style. We are constantly working on improving the software, adding new functionality and features based on demand from our customers.

Why should I use FinCalc?

FinCalc is powered by O&M Pension Solutions who have been heavily involved in providing software solutions for the financial services industry for over three decades. Our Transvas tool was initially launched in 1992 and has become the industry standard TVA report engine for the discerning adviser.

We have an extensive range of live Webinar training sessions available to all users, as well as helpful guides and videos to ensure you get the most out of our software.

Our team of experienced support staff are on hand to answer both your technical and user queries.

Our team of experienced software and industry experts are responsible for the continued development of FinCalc. From additional calculators to more advanced tools, we are tasked with helping to simplify your financial planning process – allowing you to create your client’s advice package with little fuss.

In depth checks on entered data are made to ensure inconsistencies can be identified and managed.  Information advisories are provided to assist you.

Sophisticated, transparent reports that support your compliance and advice process needs whilst remaining easy to digest by your clients.

Give your reports and the client portal that professional edge by adding your logo and company colour theme.

First Class Data Security

To provide further peace of mind that your data is secure FinCalc has undergone a rigorous penetration testing process undertaken by Arcturus Security a company accredited by CHECK, CREST, NCSC and Cyber Essentials.

We use a secure UK based Microsoft Azure SQL Database System on which to store your data, which is encrypted at rest and in transit. Microsoft Azure & Azure Storage offer the most comprehensive set of certifications and attestations of any cloud service provider.

Option to have a company specific Isolated Managed Environment, whereby separate instances of the Azure SQL Database, Azure storage for reports and Azure web application are set up dedicated to your company.

(At an additional cost)

Control the level of access different users have to your system by assigning User Profiles to each. Power/IT Admin User profiles afford those assigned the role with advanced security controls.

To protect your clients’ personal and financial data, you have complete control over who in your company sees which clients. This could be across branches or individual users.

To ensure consistency on a company level, you have the ability to set multiple cashflow assumption sets, as well as having user security controls that will allow you to manage system assumptions and select who can modify them.

Create an IP address whitelist and lockdown the system so that access is only available via a preset list.

Set your own password protocols including password length, blacklisted passwords and expiry time.

When enabled, a PIN is sent to the user via text message to their mobile device and/or via email to their email address once they have entered their password.