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NEW - Transvas Results screen

Currently, to see the results from your Transvas case, you would have to run a Complete TVA Report and look through the PDF report pages to see the output for different sections. With a view of improving the user experience, we are introducing a new Results Screen within FinCalc Transvas (example shown to the right).

This new Results Screen will give you all the important numbers as well as interactive charts to view results of the different retirement ages used, Full Pension versus Reduced Pension, the FCA required Transfer Value Comparator and much more. This Results Screen will also detail all the assumptions used as well as any problems or warnings that your case may have - with a quick link back to the related input screen.

UPDATED - Transvas Report

As our results output has changed, we also felt that this was the right time to enhance our Transvas reports with a new look and feel. A sample of our new Complete TVA Report is provided below as well as our existing report for the same case so that you can see what has changed and provide valuable feedback using the options at the bottom of the page.

TVAS Graphs

Why are we changing?

With the launch of the FinCalc Cashflow Modeller last year, we felt that Transvas needed to be more consistent with our Cashflow user interface and have more screen interactivity within the Results screen. We feel this enhancement will improve the user experience and provide scope to showcase the DB scheme review to your clients in a way which will improve understanding and engagement of the options available, both on screen and within the new style report.

A short video (shown below) is provided for you to see the new results screen in action!

When are we changing?

We expect to launch the new results screen and updated reports in the 1st half of May 2021.

Any comments on the proposed changes?

Please let us know your thoughts on these proposed changes.

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