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Transvas - Frequently Asked Questions

FinCalc Transvas is powered by O&M Pension Solutions who have been involved in providing pension transfer analysis solutions for well over two decades.  Our experience in this field is second to none and is reflected by the hundreds of checks and balances that Transvas conducts on the information that is entered into the system.  In such a highly regulated arena it is important to have confidence that your pension transfer analysis report is underpinned by accurate information - Transvas provides you with exactly that!  

Some questions to consider when looking at a suitable software solution:

  • What background/experience does the software provider have in this field?
  • Does the system conduct thorough scheme data checks, advising of any issues that require investigation prior to report completion?
  • Does the system provide just a Transfer Value Comparator (TVC) report and nothing else? 

** You may wish to read our article entitled APTA and the O&M Pension Transfer Report in which we provide our opinion on what your pension transfer analysis report should contain in the new APTA focused world. 

  • Am I able to build a Scheme Library on the proposed new system?  Being able to do this will save you time when producing reports.

The Case Pack charge allows us to keep the monthly rental costs down to a level affordable for low, medium and high users.  For example, a firm analysing 50 cases per week would pay more than one analysing only 50 cases per year.  At the outset all users pay the same monthly rental fee.  

Yes we do!  Training and Support is available to all User Licence holders.

Free telephone/email Support available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
Free New User and advanced Webinar training sessions.
Free New User Face to Face training available at our offices in Colchester.*
Onsite training available at a location of your choice - this is chargeable however. *

*currently unavailable until further notice due to COVID-19

Our Transvas software comes with a clean scheme database - meaning that you start building your Scheme Library from scratch when you enter the details for your first case. 

You can however request that we download a copy of our extensive Scheme Library database on to your copy of the system.  This database contains an enormous amount of scheme information that we have gathered over the years for 1,000's of schemes and categories. 

The cost for us to install this on to your copy of Transvas is a one-off fee of £7,500 plus vat.  Once installed we will not maintain the database/provide any updates for you.  You will however be able to update the Scheme Library yourselves.

All data except reports is held within a managed Azure SQL Database system, whereby Microsoft automatically monitor, manage and patch according to the latest security updates. This data is backed up securely at various intervals during the day and full redundancy of hardware and internet connection to the relevant data centre is taken care of by Microsoft. All SQL data is encrypted at rest. 

Additionally strict internal controls are in place to ensure only essential access is provided to the SQL data for our IT staff and all such access, with timing and reasons, are logged. 

To view more about our commitment to data security please visit our dedicated Security page.

Yes you can. 

Allow us to give you a helping hand by providing you with the ability to add your company logo and colour to your pension transfer analysis reports.  Simply send us a logo image file, let us know your preferred colour (provide the RGB or HEX code if you know it) and we will send you a sample report with your branding.  Once you are happy with the amendments we will deploy to your live web system. 

It really is as simply as that!

To view a sample report displaying the areas where your logo and colour will appear please click HERE