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More than just a TVC report generator, our Transvas module is a result of 3 decades of development.  Produce your fully comprehensive COBS compliant pension transfer analysis report with complete peace of mind that it is underpinned by valid, accurate data.

COBS Compliance

Our report is fully COBS compliant including an APTA ready PS18/6 compliant TVC report. Any necessary updates will be applied automatically and you will be notified when updates are applied

Data Validation

Over 500 checks are made for missing & inconsistent data - giving you peace of mind that your report is underpinned by accurate data

Scheme Library

Build up your own library of pension schemes, allowing you to produce future reports for stored schemes with less fuss - essential when dealing with scheme wind-ups or bulk transfers

Cashflow Tool Integration

Connects with the FinCalc Cashflow tool, pulling through your client's DB pension data & allowing you to give them a full analysis of their retirement options

Transvas Admin Pro - Add On

An optional advanced administration add-on that allows you to create a detailed audit trail of your pension transfer analysis report production. Keep everything in one place including scheme information requests, replies to your queries and case specific documentation

Interactive Results Screen

Our Results Screen will give you all the important numbers as well as interactive charts to view results of the different retirement ages used, Full Pension versus Reduced Pension, the FCA required Transfer Value Comparator and much more.

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