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The FinCalc Retirement Modeller tool provides a full pre and post retirement analysis that targets desired retirement income levels. Includes Income Shortfall Funding, Capacity for Loss, Sustainable Income vs Target Income, Additional Growth and/or Contributions required, with Cost of Delay.

FinCalc undertakes Full income tax calculations and you can choose to include Lifetime Allowance impact. State Pensions and other income sources can be included to create a Retirement Income model for either a single client, or a couple (including ability to maximise net income and minimise tax paid).

Target Income

Determine whether the target income is achievable, with the ability to alter the target income for different ages.

Capacity for Loss

Stress test a pension fund instantly with the ability to recalculate the capacity to withstand a loss in any chosen year. 

Growth Required

The system will highlight any annual additional growth required or annual safety margin available to achieve the target income. 

Extra Contributions with Cost of Delay

If the target income is unachievable, the additional contributions required 
(monthly or lump sum) to reach the target income are shown including the cost of delaying contributions for up to 5 years.

Sustainable Retirement Income

The sustainable level of income is calculated and compared to the target income. 

Demonstrate what is achievable as opposed to desired.

Tax Efficient Income Strategy

We undertake full UK Income Tax calculations. You can choose to include Lifetime allowance. You can choose drawdown strategy, such as phased whilst deferring higher rate tax. Easily allows you to maximise income and minimise tax for a single client or couple.

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