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Enhance your client's engagement with the FinCalc Client Portal. Not only is this an initial Onboarding service but also an ongoing secure communication platform between you and your clients.

Client Onboarding

Invite clients to complete required disclosure documentation and provide personal and financial details all from the comfort of their own home.

Secure Messaging

2-way secure messaging, grouped in easy-to-read conversations. You can message not only your primary Client but also their spouse/partner, as well as selecting who is notified of new messages from the Client.

Secure Document Exchange

Share and receive unlimited documents. Any document uploaded will be saved without any time restriction.

Client Self Onboarding

New clients can register themselves directly and then complete the onboarding process.

Custom Fact Find

Simple data entry (with validation) to ensure a great user experience for your clients.

Mobile Friendly

Will work on any internet connected PC, tablet or mobile phone. Designed to adapt to the smaller screens on mobile phones.

Intelligent Workflow

Can limit when clients are asked to complete their Fact Find.
Ensure disclosure documents are accepted before accessing the Fact Find.

Banking Grade Security

Built with the latest banking grade security and encryption, your Client's have the ability to turn on multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.

Digitally Sign and Accept Documents

Clients can review then digitally sign and accept documents, creating a permanent audit trail.

Your Branding

White-label the Client Portal to use your company logo and colours.

Trusted Links

Share links to external websites which your clients can access safely.

Back Office Integration

Automatically push to and pull from the leading Back Office systems.

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