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Our comprehensive approach to cashflow modelling allows you to illustrate your client's financial future concisely and accurately.  Leave no stone unturned and effectively present multiple 'scenarios' that can take into account even the most complex of situations.  

Smart Scenario Planning

Providing you with the tools to illustrate the impact of different planning options to your clients.

These range from simple amendments to full stress testing with help from our easy to use pre-designed differences

Create Client Life Events

Build individual ‘moments in time’ for your client’s individual circumstances.

These are then linked to any cashflow item created giving you the flexibility you need to produce clear client specific reports

Straightforward Inputs

Simple data entry ensures a great user experience whilst handling complete financial planning from everyday to high worth clients with more complex needs 

Comprehensive Tax Calculations

We undertake full Income Tax calculations for all UK tax rates so that you can provide precise and transparent figures for your clients 

Client Portal

Our simple inputs allow clients to directly fill in their own details within the cashflow through a secure client portal to help save you time

Lifetime Allowance

The Cashflow considers the Client’s available Lifetime Allowance including any Protections they may hold. Any tax charges applied are included within the Cashflow and reported within the advisories.

Smart Advisories

The Cashflow looks at the information entered and also looks throughout the lifetime of your client cashflow to determine any possible issues they might encounter and when this will be. For example, they may breach the Annual Allowance or how much Lifetime allowance they have remaining, if any.

Clear and Concise Graphical Output

Easy to understand graphs that are client friendly, yet powerful to integrate within your advice processes

Transvas Tool Integration

The option to incorporate the in-depth technical knowledge of DB pensions, allowing users of our Transvas tool to show the complete impact of a DB transfer to further enhance your APTA

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