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2 Way Integration with Iress Xplan – Now Available

As part of our continuing development with back-office system integrations, we are pleased to confirm that the 2-way integration with Xplan is now available on FinCalc!

With this new functionality, you are now able to import all your client's information and Cashflow data into FinCalc from Xplan, as well as being able to push back any changes! This integration works seamlessly on the following financial items:



Life Assurance 

Pension Plans 

Pensions in Payment 

Assets & Liabilities 

Savings & Investment Plans 


You are also able to create or link your existing FinCalc Clients, including cashflow data and client reports, into Xplan.

Using the FinCalc Client Portal, the client can provide their personal and financial information directly into FinCalc and then the adviser can verify this data and push this information into Xplan, saving precious time!

The 2-way integration works effortlessly when editing your clients or cashflow items. You also have full power to turn off any of these links at any point.

Watch our short video below for further details.