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Inheritance Tax Modeller - Now Available

We are pleased to announce our Inheritance Tax Modeller is now available!

Our comprehensive approach to inheritance tax planning allows you to illustrate your client's future inheritance tax liability concisely and accurately at any age, as well as including multiple proposals to reduce your clients inheritance tax liability and see the impact this has on their estate. 

Some of the smart features include: 

  • Maximum Tax Liability - At the click of a button, FinCalc calculates the maximum inheritance tax bill your clients may face over the next 10 years. Whether this is the clients current position or after your planning, quickly establish the potential life cover required.
  • Prefill from Cashflow - No need to re-enter Assets, Investments, Withdrawals, Pensions, Life Assurance, Liabilities or Repayments. These can be pulled into the tool at a press of a button.  
  • Quick Succession Relief - Added flexibility to include unmarried couples within the calculations to look at the impact of inheritance tax on both first and second death. The calculations will also include Quick Succession Relief where applicable. 
  • Includes Trusts and Gifting - Incorporate any Trusts already set up and Gifts made to get the full picture. FinCalc includes the additional tax due and the decrease in the Nil Rate Band for failed PETs and CLTs, as well as the complexities of the 14-year rule.
  • Compare Multiple Advice Options - See the impact of each scenario side by side with powerful visuals and then choose which advice scenarios to include within your client friendly full report.
  • Smart Planning Options - Easy to input but complex planning options, which include adding pension contributions, utilising equity release, transferring an Asset or Investment into Trust, transferring Investments to take advantage of available reliefs, and many more.
  • Breakdown of Estate - Ability to see the household’s total estate year on year with the impact of first and second death, retaining Assets & Investments already in Trust to get the full picture.
  • Distribution of Estate on death - See how the distribution of estate changes over time, including the inheritance tax payable, Charitable Gifts, Trusts and Gifts on death. 
  • Illustrate First and Second death at Any Ages - See the value of estate and impact of inheritance tax at any age for either Client. Using clear and concise graphs that are client friendly.  
  • Complex Calculations - FinCalc handles Inherited Nil Rate and Residence Nil Rate Bands, Business Relief and Agricultural Relief, reduced rate for Charitable Donations and many more.
  • Smart Assumptions - Defaults automatically selected on each asset for death distribution which can be manually overridden. As well as control over the assumptions to use for the assets and investments future growth. 

This new tool is now available for all FinCalc users at NO EXTRA COST! 

For further details on the Inheritance Tax Modeller, please contact us.

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