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Capital Gains Tax Calculator

As part of our continuous development at FinCalc, we are pleased to confirm the release of our latest addition to our FinCalc calculator suite, the Capital Gains Tax Calculator.

FinCalc does the hard work for you by calculating not only the Gains and Losses but also the Capital Gains tax payable within your chosen tax year for multiple assets.

Listed below are some of the smart features of this Calculator: 

  • Include the client’s partner or spouse to not only work out their tax payable but also allows gifting between spouses
  • Allows for joint ownership between spouses and/or third parties
  • No limit to the number of assets you can add, which can include any of these asset types:
    • Residential Properties   
    • Non-Wasting Chattels
    • Other Properties/Assets
    • Listed Shares and Securities
    • Unlisted Shares and Securities
  • Option to use previous year losses
  • Takes account of Investors Relief and Business Asset Disposal Relief (including ability to input allowable other year losses associated with BADR)
  • Private residence relief and Lettings relief are calculated

Using the above, the onscreen results and professional client report illustrate a Gain/Loss and Capital Gains Tax breakdown per client as well as a full asset breakdown detailing all reliefs applied at an asset level!

This new calculator is now available for all Cashflow Modeller users at NO EXTRA COST!

For further details on the Capital Gain Tax, please contact us.

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