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FinCalc Future Features – Coming Soon

fincalc roadmap

We are constantly striving to update and improve FinCalc, through feedback from prospective and existing customers. We have received some remarkable testimonials and have accrued many loyal customers. However, we do not want to stop there. 

Using our in-house product and development teams, we are building enhancements and additional features for our customers. We want to share some of our main goals for the next few months. These include: 

Intelligent Office (iO) Integration - Achieved - March 2021

Improved Charts and Reports - Achieved - February 2021

Curo Integration 

Retirement Modeller Tool 

Stochastic Modelling Feature 

Full Client Onboarding Process 

Client Portal with secure messaging 

Client Electronic Factfinds 

Capital Gains Tax Calculator 

New Transvas Onscreen Results and Improved Reports

and several more 


If there is a feature that you would like to see in FinCalc then please get in touch.