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New and Improved Charts

cashflow charts

As part of our continuous development at FinCalc we are pleased to confirm that we have enhanced the look of our charts and the chart options. 

We understand that the Cashflow Charts have a big impact when delivering your advice to clients. Our improved Charts and Chart options allows you to have greater control and enhanced visual effects when presenting to your clients.

Therefore, we have made several changes which our Users have full control over including:

3D Charts - Users have the ability to turn the 2D charts into 3D charts giving that extra depth when illustrating the Cashflow to Clients.

Life Expectancy – The Cashflow now has a line to illustrate Client’s life expectation making it easy to indicate the client’s financial position over their whole lifetime.

Chart Background - The background is now a light grey colour however users have complete control within the Chart Options over this and can select None or even choose a custom colour. 

Items within the Charts - Build up the Chart in front of the Client, by simply choosing which items you wish to include. Simply select the light switch button to remove all of the items and build the chart by selecting which items you wish to see. 

Downloading Charts - Users now have more control over how they can download the charts and export the data.  

Look out for more news about the enhanced features exclusively on FinCalc that are coming very soon!