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Change Tax Rates Scenario – Now Available

tax increase cashflow

As part of our continuous development at FinCalc, we are pleased to confirm that we have introduced a new Scenario within the Cashflow. 

With public spending and national debt at an all-time high, what will the government do once the Coronavirus Pandemic is over?

It is impossible to know what the future will bring; however, many believe that the deficit will have to be filled with tax increases. This could be short-term to aid in the Coronavirus recovery, or this could be a more permanent solution. 

We want you to be able to fully prepare your Clients and be able to see what impact this may have on your Client's future financial position. Due to this, we have now released our new option within scenarios to Change Tax Rates.

You can select the tax year you wish to commence these changes; you can choose the new rates to use (including Scottish tax rates) and you can specify how long these tax rate changes will last. 

This new feature is now available for all Cashflow Modeller users at NO EXTRA COST.

Look out for more news about the enhanced features exclusively on FinCalc that are coming very soon