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Portfolio Performance Calculator

Following our OCF/TER and Average Growth calculators comes the next in our series of Financial Calculators that are available to all FinCalc users at no extra cost!

Our new Portfolio Performance Calculator allows you to clearly show the breakdown of variable growth and charges on individual investment holdings on a year by year basis. This could include a range of different charges and illustrate up to a 10 year period.

Supported by a professional report (which can be fully branded for the financial adviser firm), the Portfolio Performance Calculator includes clear and concise graphical analysis of an Investment portfolio.

As well as being a powerful tool when providing clients with investment advice, it will also provide you with the ability to calculate the compound annual growth and the effect of charges to include within a Transvas Case or to override assumptions on the Cashflow.

The new Portfolio Performance Calculator is included for NO EXTRA COST for any user on the FinCalc suite, whether they have our Cashflow Modeller, Transvas/TVC tool or both.

Look out for more news about new additions to our range of Financial Calculators that are coming very soon!