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Lifetime Allowance within Cashflow – Now Available

As part of our continuous development at FinCalc, we are pleased to confirm that we have introduced Lifetime Allowance within the Cashflow!

Due to popular demand, you are now able to see the impact that Lifetime Allowance may have on your Client’s Pensions and their overall Lifetime Cashflow. You can use this information to build in multiple scenarios to illustrate the Lifetime Allowance impact of how your Client withdraws their pension and when. Our Advanced Cashflow calculations will include any Lifetime Allowance tax charges that may arise directly into the Cashflow.

Using our developer’s in-depth knowledge of Pension Legislation, we have been able to build in every HMRC Protection Type. We have also included both Primary and Enhanced, with and without Protected Tax-Free Cash. For these original protections, the cashflow does the hard work for you by asking you about previous Benefit Crystallisation Events, enabling us to calculate what allowance your Client may have remaining.

We have also enhanced our smart advisories to give you the details of Lifetime Allowance tax charges, Lifetime Allowance remaining and any issues your Client may face in the future.

This new feature is now available for all Cashflow Modeller users at NO EXTRA COST!

Look out for more news about the enhanced features exclusively on FinCalc that are coming very soon!