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FinCalc & The Security of Your Data

A Selection of Frequently Asked Questions

All of the data that you enter onto the FinCalc software is stored on secure UK based servers only.  We use a Microsoft Azure SQL Database System for the ultimate in data security.  Microsoft Azure & Azure Storage offer a comprehensive set of certifications & attestations of any cloud service provider. 

All data that you enter is encrypted at rest & in transit.  We use AES-256 encryption, which is considered as one of the most secure ciphers, for complete peace of mind.

Yes! Hourly SQL backups along with daily, weekly & monthly storage backups via Microsoft PaaS & Azure.  Data is backed up to two UK based data centres as a disaster recovery measure.

Yes.  The FinCalc software suite has undergone a rigorous penetration testing process undertaken by Arcturus Security a company accredited by CHECK, CREST, NCSC and Cyber Essentials.  

Penetration Tests will be undertaken every 12 months to ensure compliance with our accreditation. 

All of the client data that you have inputted onto the FinCalc software is deleted 1 month after your cancellation.