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Face to face training

Our Face to Face training sessions are designed to get new users up and running with our software
We host regular day long sessions at our office here in Colchester


Transvas - New User Training

Navigating the system

  • Scheme Library and Cases (the benefits of having a separate scheme library)
  • The 2 golden rules of the system
  • Toolbar menu
  • Dealing with your first case

Setting up scheme records

  • Scheme Information
  • Retirement Ages
  • Cash by Commutation
  • Death Benefit
  • Adding Notes
  • Discretionary Increases
  • Scheme Administrator

Retirement Benefits (Basic Pension Slices)

  • Setting up a slice
  • Revaluation
  • Escalation

Setting up client records

  • Personal Information
  • Retirement Ages
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Transfer Value
  • Inputting member’s pension benefits
  • Pension Providers (Basic Overview)

Brief overview of non-client reports

  • Validation Report
  • Pension Breakdown Report (system assumptions vs Scheme basis)
  • Critical Yield Report