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Cashflow - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Cashflow Modelling software takes into account all UK tax bands. You should enter all incomes, contributions and withdrawals gross of tax. 

‘In Today’s Terms’ means the monetary value in the present day.

Yes. You can choose Nominal or Real Terms when analysing the data using our Cashflow Modeller.

Yes. There are initial and ongoing adviser charges inputs within the Cashflow module to help show the effect of these to your clients. 

You can use either client's age to start and end cashflow items.  

No. You can switch between client 1 and client 2 as the main client for the age axis on the charts. 

Yes you can. 

Allow us to give you a helping hand by providing you with the ability to add your company logo and colour to your cashflow reports.  Simply send us a logo image file, let us know your preferred colour (provide the RGB or HEX code if you know it) and we will send you a sample report with your branding.  Once you are happy with the amendments we will deploy to your live web system. 

It really is as simply as that!

To view a sample report displaying the areas where your logo and colour will appear please click HERE

To ensure consistency on a company level, you have the ability to set multiple cashflow assumption sets as well as having user security controls that will allow you to manage system assumptions and select who can modify them.