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Working from home with FinCalc

FinCalc Client Portal

A fresh New Year and another national lockdown has seen many forced to return to working from home. As time goes on, it is becoming clearer that remote working is going to be around for the foreseeable future, and for many this has now become the preferred route.

At FinCalc we understand the importance of still being able to work effectively from home, as well as the need for a reliable system that is easily accessible. Any Cashflow modelling tool or financial planning software is truly about your clients and the ability to still obtain information and details from them, regardless of any obstacles you may face, so you can provide them with the best advice possible.

We also know how important it is for you to interact with your Clients safely and securely, whilst maintaining a process that is convenient for both them and you. Our Client Portal allows your clients to access their own Cashflows with a bespoke personal login, which you can secure even further with an additional optional pin - just to give that extra bit of security!

Your Clients can log in to the FinCalc Client Portal from any web enabled device to complete their own financial information. With easy-to-follow inputs, they can fill in all their details from the comfort of their own home and in their own time. All the information that they have provided will be available within your FinCalc suite with no need to re-input any of these details. Not only will this save you a considerable amount of time, but also renders the need for lengthy Client calls and any face-to-face meetings to obtain these details.  

The link to our Client Portal is available for you to turn on and off at any time, allowing you to have complete control over when your Clients can and will have access.

With remote working and virtual meetings becoming the norm, it is crucial to ensure you can continue with your normal daily processes as much as you can. Therefore, FinCalc is here to help make your life simpler!

For more information on our Client Portal and to check out some other Key features of FinCalc, please click HERE.

About the author

Hannah Kerton

Hannah Kerton

Product Analyst

Hannah has been working in the Financial Services industry for over 7 years. With a first-class honours degree in Accountancy and Finance, Hannah then went on to work as a Senior Pensions Administrator in the Defined Benefit Pension market. Hannah joined O&M in 2017 as a Pension Analyst and moved on to our Products Team to aid in the development of our Cashflow Modeller software.

Hannah now continues to work within the Product development team using her technical pensions and financial knowledge to help with the continuous development of the FinCalc suite of advice tools.