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FinCalc integrates with intelliflo office

We have today announced integration with leading web-based practice management software Intelliflo Office from Intelliflo. The two-way integration means that users can quickly and seamlessly transfer their client personal and financial information between the 2 systems.

Working from home with FinCalc

A fresh New Year and another national lockdown has seen many forced to return to working from home. As time goes on, it is becoming clearer that remote working is going to be around for the foreseeable future, and for many this has now become the preferred route.

At FinCalc we understand the importance of still being able to work effectively from home, as well as the need for a reliable system that is easily accessible.

The importance of Lifetime Allowance within a Cashflow

The lifetime allowance is the overall limit that you can build up in pension benefits before a lifetime allowance tax charge applies. In 2011, the lifetime allowance was at its historical highest limit of £1.8m but was gradually reduced to £1m in 2016 from where it would be increased by CPI each year.  

Modern Cashflow Modelling - The 3rd Way

Most financial advisers understand the important role that lifetime cashflow planning plays in helping clients understand their financial position, now and in the future.

Cashflow forecasting is usually provided to clients using either deterministic or a stochastic modelling and there has been much debate about which one is most appropriate.