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The FinCalc concept is the next step in the evolution of O&M Pension Solutions who have been involved in the financial services industry for over a quarter of a century. 

Initially O&M provided bureau services to advisers for charging structure comparisons and pension transfer analysis. After strong demand, the knowledge gained was developed into user-friendly software to allow advisers to conduct analysis and comparisons for themselves.

Whilst over the years O&M Pension Solutions focused on the provision of Defined Benefit transfer software and solutions, the pension transfer climate changed considerably, with the introduction of the APTA by the FCA in October 2018 being the most recent aspect of this transformation.  Using this ever changing climate as inspiration,  it was decided that the time was right to make use of the decades of knowledge accumulated to formulate FinCalc - a fully comprehensive financial adviser planning suite.  

The FinCalc philosophy is clear - to ensure that advisers are equipped with user friendly tools that will help them provide their clients with fully comprehensive advice.  Moreover,  we are committed to the continuous development of innovative solutions in accordance with the demands of our customers.